Hosted PBX & VoIP


We provide a reliable, high-quality phone system that simply works, and a solution that can grow at the same rate as your business. With Hosted PBX & VoIP, your business have the ability to increase productivity and enhance its current system–without the need to purchase an expensive, complex, depreciating phone system.

SIP Trunking


Whether you’re a small company looking for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP, or a larger enterprise looking for continuity, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans, SIP Trunks enable businesses to seamlessly connect their existing premise equipment with our superior voice network.

Shared SIP Trunking

Looking for immediate cost savings, as well as a flexible, scalable solution for your business? Look to shared SIP Trunking services where more than one office shares SIP Trunking services through a connected account. The benefits are many, and start with the ability to plan for peak concurrent call utilization across the enterprise vs. a location by location basis.

Virtual Auto Attendant

More and more companies have remote offices and mobile workers. Many users have laptops and smart phones, and are constantly mobile. Businesses need to stay in touch with their customers, colleagues, and supply chain vendors. This is a perfect scenario for a Virtual Auto Attendant or a Mobile VoIP solution.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) can be defined as the seamless integration of voice, presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies to improve communications, processes, and business productivity. Technolojunkies’s cloud software and services deliver the value of UC to your business.

API Integration

We offer pre-designed and integrated Applications such as a Microsoft Outlook Plugin, Salesforce.com Plugin, a URL Agent for configurable browser based screen pops, and a feature rich and valuable Operator Panel. Coming soon is our 3rd party developer access to our API framework. That will open many windows of opportunity for deeper integration with the mission critical applications and technologies that you and your business use every day.

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