Remote Support Services

Technolojunkies is able to provide daily remote support to customers and offer quick, on-the-spot solutions? We can remotely connect within seconds without our customers needing to install any software. Technolojunkies use a highly secure remote maintenance solution. Our connections are established via fully encrypted data channels using 2048-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding.
Technolojunkies' technicians will access your computer over your Internet connection and resolve problems in front of your eyes. You can watch what's being done, to learn to do it yourself, or you can continue on with other things you need to do.
Technolojunkies' technicians will ALWAYS respect and protect your privacy and your information. Your business is your business. We are only here to do the work... no judgements, no intrusions, no violations... Guaranteed!!

Emergency Support Services

Remote support should preferably be scheduled, however, we know that things happen and you need help now! For those situations, Technolojunkies provide Emergency Support Services as well. This service is for the time critical customer that's in dire need. Call us and for a slightly higher fee, we'll fit you in and get your system back to normal or better than it's prior condition. Not only does this service fixes any issues you may have, it also, cleans, optimizes, and protects your computer for best performance.
With either service, you'll get quick, reliable, and economical service, without having to lug your computer to the store, wait for it to be repaired, a few days later, and pay a fortune!
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