Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Cloud Services is beneficial for Small Businesses because it reduces IT complexity in the workplace and provides significant cash flow benefits.  With the low-cost of cloud computing, its deployment may be deemed as Operating Expenses (OpEx) rather than Capital Expenditures (CapEx). With cloud computing, add-on services, upgrades and even modifications can be implemented with ease, and is always available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows you to utilize software and services without having to run the servers or software in house. These outside vendors run the software and servers, making it possible for you to pay attention to what is most important, running your business.
Managed services can make the transition to the cloud easier. By working with a managed services provider your business can immediately reap the rewards of cloud services while still having trained professionals in your corner to ensure your business is adequately protected and invested in this technology, by offering services that include cloud computing to improve the way your business runs as well as provide much needed assistance in the event of a man-made or natural disaster.
With Technolojunkies' cloud-based computing and managed hosting services, you get dependable, secure computing power. You can dramatically reduce IT-related capital outlays and convert fluctuating IT expenditures into predictable monthly fees, as well as save money. You will be able to budget with ease and your financial goals are achievable.

Email Hosting

Email hosting with Technolojunkies has many benefits including access to email from any location at all times of the day, via mobile devices, home, or on the road. There's always support 24/7, full protection from viruses, and full-proof backup processes for all business data.  Think about how these benefits would increase employee productivity, while your IT downtime decreases, along with many other positive changes.  Whether you are searching for a hosted/cloud-based solution, an on-premise/in-house solution, or a hybrid of each, Technolojunkies has the understanding and proficiency to ensure your mail system never goes down.

Office in the Cloud

Whether you’re at your desktop or on the move on your tablet or phone, you can get to your documents, email and calendars, shared files, and online meetings. And wherever you access it, it’s always your Office, so your files are up to date and your recent documents just a click away. Data and documents are always backed up, you calendar is always in sync, and everything is always secure and availability is 24/7.

Cloud Storage

Technolojunkies offers cloud storage solutions that fits the demand of your business... allowing your platform to span your on-premises datacenter into the cloud, so your business has the freedom to grow. With enterprise-level security, proprietary data control, secure sharing, and as much storage as you need, Technolojunkies cloud service platform provides the freedom to operate your cloud without limiting your business options.
Cloud Backups
Technolojunkies' Cloud Backup Service protects Windows and Mac servers in addition to all of your computers for complete data protection for your business. Cloud Backup safeguards your business by protecting the critical files that your business, website or application needs.
Technolojunkies' Cloud Backup Service offers automatic backup protection with the option to schedule your backups continuously throughout the day.  Allowing you to get back to normal operations quickly with the ability to rapidly restore files after a hard drive fails or if you lose a file.
With Advanced Encryption Standard, 256 bit key enabled, your data will be encrypted with a your personal passphrase that insures your data is encrypted before it leaves the server and remains safely encrypted while stored.
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